hustle or get hustled.


am i up right now at this ungodly hour? as usual…

in 12 days my life is going to change and for the first time in a long time, its for the good. i think i lost myself for a while. i forgot the things that made me happy and picked up old habits that never failed to break my heart. I’m not going to sit and wait for change, so i snapped myself out of this daze and became ME again. i have so many quotes that i tell other people, “hustle or get hustled”, “be good or be good at it”, “what don’t break a nigga, make a nigga” and its time i use my own words because I’m not one to lose or get the shitty end of a situation. leaving vegas complete and going to Virginia happy.

and I’m here,

at this ungodly hour, not being able to sleep. I genuinely feel like shit and clearly have nothing better to do than post this shit on tumblr. but any who, i wish i had some sort of inspiration…something that could help me figure out what i want from my life. or better yet what i need. i always feel like something is missing and no matter how perfect everything seems, nothing seems to be good enough for me. wtf? selfish much? i just need fucking help. maybe if i start going to church again and actually believing in my faith, things will become clearer.